Always Failed in a Job Interview, Here’s What You Should Do

 Days have passed since you did a job interview at a company, and no one has called or emailed back.

Though you are sure you have followed the interview well and can advance to the next round, besides you are also optimistic that you are the person who deserve to be in that position.

Here are the things that might be a misperception in interpreting it, then what if facing the situation at a later time, what should be done? Here are some things to do:

Be yourself

Some job seekers often rely on articles and books to pass the interview. The head of Human Resources (HR) within the company is also familiar with the guidelines.

Practice before the interview so you can feel comfortable and flexible, but also remember not to train so much that it finally sounds stiff and unnatural.

Sometimes applicants see job interviews as a frightening thing and worry when interview is just a conversation.

So be yourself and express who you are by promoting what you can and have done while working with confidence

Before the interview, it’s also a good idea to contact people you may know in the company to learn more about their company culture.


Some people sometimes find it difficult to talk about the success they have achieved. The LinkedIn survey, which has 11,000 members from 19 countries last year, found that only 35 per cent felt confident to talk about their achievements.

As a job applicant, when you are asked about success when working, it should be able to quickly and accurately answer questions about achievements that have been achieved.

However, most would answer that the company saw its performance by letting prospective applicants work first, then just be able to see the results of his work.

In addition, most candidates respond with a minute of introduction to lose the attention of the interviewer.

If you are confused with a question, you should just tell the interviewer that you want to come back later.

Be prepared for online interviews

Some companies, especially beginners, do the first job interview via video chat services like Skype. Therefore, you also need to prepare the interview in this way.

Practice in front of the mirror and choose a safe location to avoid unwanted people suddenly present.

During practice, you should also prepare everything well, such as dressing in formal and stylish as will be attending a real interview, because the appearance includes attention to the job interview.


Always ask questions if you do not understand them, insert questions about holidays, benefits and some other important things.

Some specific questions you can ask, such as, Who are people will usually deal with you while working? Is the employee’s achievement appreciated by the company? Or how about the company’s progress in the past five years?

Develop good relationships

Interview work though not successful, can be a stepping stone for other job opportunities.

Some interviewers sometimes suggest that you apply to another company and recommend you, as they see a match with you in the offered position. Remember, never be afraid to convince people of the value you have.

That should be avoided

Avoid saying in an interview that you have no weaknesses, as this will undoubtedly destroy your chances of being accepted for work.

Also avoid saying that you have great skills. Although you think it is important, but it is not a measure, because the most important is the result, not the quality.

Do not use language that is too warm or full of courage, using words like “maybe” and “may be” can make you look insecure and damage your credibility. In addition, answering too confidently can also raise questions about how you can get along with others.

Be careful to make excuses for past failures, being overly suspicious or honest about mistakes, can actually make the interview work with no maximum.