Types of Consumers Who Likes Online Shopping, Which One are You?

 Do you intend to run an online business or are currently running it? Various strategies must be for you to know and do well for the business running smoothly. Applying the right strategy in online business will help you to more easily achieve maximum sales figures.

It’s important for you to understand well the running business, including the things that can be maximized to increase selling power. Beyond all that, you also need to know and understand well consumers who will be targeted in this business.

Knowing and understanding consumers will help you to more easily handle them well. The way you handle consumers directly will affect sales figures.

This is the main reason why it’s so important to get to know and handle the best possible customers. For that, consider some of the following consumer characters and how to handle it appropriately.

The Shopper Window: Seeing the Desired, but …

Consumers of this one is difficult to guess because just looking at the goods he likes. Do not get me wrong. Because it is difficult to guess, unexpectedly, this type could have bought goods that have been seen.

Feel familiar with this type, is not it? So how do I get the window shopper moved to buy? Draw their attention with a clear look and picture of the stuff and really the result of your own photo shoot.

Show descriptions of items sold with convincing explanations. The best way is to tell the stuff you sold in as much detail as possible. Add testimonials to make the window shopper even more confident that they are not mistaken sellers. Give the lure of a gift or a discount when making a purchase now.

The Seeker: Already Knowing What Desires, Just …

This type of consumer already knows what items he wants to buy. However, it does not mean that when the seeker visits or sees the goods in your store, the seeker will buy.

It is important for the seeker to visit several stores, see, and compare some similar products and prices. This type clearly understands what it needs. Therefore, this type looks selective in shopping.

To attract the seeker’s attention, make the item you trade at the top of the search. It looks difficult, but it’s not impossible. The specific label may be the item you are selling. Because the seeker typed in the search engine specific keywords in search.

Because the seeker is a selective buyer, offer them a competitive price. No need to worry if the store next door offers a cheaper price than you offer. The seeker will enter your store into the list of choices.

The Researcher: Gathering Information on Items Wanted to Buy

It’s practically similar to the seeker. The difference is, the length of the search he did. In search of goods to be purchased, the researcher will do it longer than the seeker.

 The reseacher really find out and collect as much information as he wants to buy. Sometimes the researcher will ask questions about the goods sold in order to get complete information so that later can be studied and done comparison.

Looks troublesome indeed face the researcher. Already wondering, but ultimately not so buy. To capture the researcher to buy your goods, avoid only presenting general goods information. Serve as much detail as possible and as complete as the items you sell.

In addition, make the information you serve really useful and educational. Avoid presenting information that seems knowingly. Embed references or referrals for the researcher to believe in the information that you are selling.

The Discount Lover: Like Buying Discounts

Almost all consumers will love a discount, not even one can resist one’s temptations while shopping. However, you still need a special trick in handling this type of consumer. Because they are so nimble in finding information about discount offers.

Before purchasing the goods, the discount lover will look at and compare the various existing discount offerings, including calculating the profit earned on the purchase of the item. Therefore, offer a lucrative discount so they are interested in buying the goods you sell.

Recognize and Handle Properly

Running an online business requires various strategies in order to increase sales and then bring in profits. Beyond all that, you must have the ability to recognize the consumer well.…

Easy Tips to Get Out of the Financial Crisis

The financial condition of a crisis can be a nightmare for anyone who experiences it. Many things are the cause of why the financial crisis can occur, one of which can be due to inadequate financial management.

But the financial crisis is not an insurmountable problem. You can still fix the financial crisis in some way.

Well, here are some tips to try if you’re having a financial crisis:

Identify the problem

The first thing that can be done to overcome the financial crisis that is being experienced is to identify the main problem that caused the financial crisis.

Usually financial problems can be indicated from problems on a large scale and thus require long-term solutions. For that, you must identify the cause of this problem in fact.

The importance of identifying a problem is to get a solution that can be used to resolve the issue permanently. So rather than focus too much on the stress experienced, it would be better if you focus on solving financial problems that are being experienced.

Make a budget plan

After knowing the causes of the financial crisis, start to plan your budget. You can arrange it in daily time, weekly, even monthly.

The financial budget created can be based on the important daily expenditures.

When creating a budget, it is important to know the expenditure in a month so you can be more objective to see which parts of the expenditure are bloated and need to be lowered.

With the budget plan, you can also find where you can save money.

Pay off debt

Another thing that can be done to overcome the financial crisis is trying to pay off debts. Do all the things you can do, but avoid using credit cards and loans to pay off your debts.

You can pay off the debt that has high interest first so as not to add to the financial burden.

Set financial priorities

Determine your financial priorities when it comes to overcoming the financial crisis that is affecting you. This financial priority will be very helpful for making difficult decisions, such as paying off debts, bills, saving, and others.

In addition to determining financial priorities, you can also get back the financial path better than ever. You also need to decide how to earn extra money to put in your financial priorities.

 Perform small steps

For some, overcoming the financial crisis can be done by reducing expenditure and increasing revenue. But not everyone can do this easily.

Especially for those who are difficult to change lifestyle. So you can try to overcome the financial crisis by doing small steps that have big benefits to achieve your goals.

Develop a realistic plan

After having ideas to deal with troubled financial conditions, it’s time to make realistic plans to achieve your goals within a given period. Do not forget to keep track of the progress of the plan on a regular basis.

Once on the road to achieving this, it may take some time to see if it is progressing or not. Try to evaluate from your plan whether it is running in accordance with the purpose or not.

Do not despair

Do not easily lose confidence and do not doubt yourself. Let’s just say that the financial condition that is being experienced is the result of a deteriorating economy and will change according to the cycle.

Do not Broken Your Spirit In Overcoming The Financial Problems

The worsening financial condition is not a big problem to be feared. There are many ways to overcome the financial crisis at hand. You just have to plan a mature solution and make it happen soon, and do not delay.…

How to Get Out of Work Without Making Anyone Angry


Getting out of work or resign is a natural thing. Almost all employees have experienced a resign or plan to get out of work now.

There are various underlying reasons, such as looking for new challenges, better opportunities elsewhere or some just because they are tired of the current job.

A study conducted by Harris Interactive once revealed that 74 percent of employees consider looking for a new job.

There are many ways to get out of the current job. That way there is a right there is also not right. Of course, such an improper way will make your relationship with the office worse.

Here’s a good way to say stop working:

Never leave without notice

If you are out of a job for reasons that do not like what the boss is doing or feel that the work you have done is never appreciated, then the obligation to notify the resign plan remains to be done.

Never get out of work without notice to your boss because it will make you get a bad score in the office.

Communicate with superiors

If indeed you intend to resign, try to communicate first with superiors before submitting a letter of resignation.

Although sometimes the boss stays for some time to come, but by talking alone you will be able to maintain good relationships.

Look for a plausible excuse to file a resignation. Do not let your reason to make emotional superiors.

Follow the rules in the office

Office regulations should be adhered to. Although in the near future you are not working in the office does not mean you can go out at will alone.

There is an office that requires employees to stay for one month before leaving there is also asking for three months. It was for a transitional period to prepare your replacement.

Well, it’s good that your resign is not considered bad by the office then obey the rules of the office.…

Always Failed in a Job Interview, Here’s What You Should Do

 Days have passed since you did a job interview at a company, and no one has called or emailed back.

Though you are sure you have followed the interview well and can advance to the next round, besides you are also optimistic that you are the person who deserve to be in that position.

Here are the things that might be a misperception in interpreting it, then what if facing the situation at a later time, what should be done? Here are some things to do:

Be yourself

Some job seekers often rely on articles and books to pass the interview. The head of Human Resources (HR) within the company is also familiar with the guidelines.

Practice before the interview so you can feel comfortable and flexible, but also remember not to train so much that it finally sounds stiff and unnatural.

Sometimes applicants see job interviews as a frightening thing and worry when interview is just a conversation.

So be yourself and express who you are by promoting what you can and have done while working with confidence

Before the interview, it’s also a good idea to contact people you may know in the company to learn more about their company culture.


Some people sometimes find it difficult to talk about the success they have achieved. The LinkedIn survey, which has 11,000 members from 19 countries last year, found that only 35 per cent felt confident to talk about their achievements.

As a job applicant, when you are asked about success when working, it should be able to quickly and accurately answer questions about achievements that have been achieved.

However, most would answer that the company saw its performance by letting prospective applicants work first, then just be able to see the results of his work.

In addition, most candidates respond with a minute of introduction to lose the attention of the interviewer.

If you are confused with a question, you should just tell the interviewer that you want to come back later.

Be prepared for online interviews

Some companies, especially beginners, do the first job interview via video chat services like Skype. Therefore, you also need to prepare the interview in this way.

Practice in front of the mirror and choose a safe location to avoid unwanted people suddenly present.

During practice, you should also prepare everything well, such as dressing in formal and stylish as will be attending a real interview, because the appearance includes attention to the job interview.


Always ask questions if you do not understand them, insert questions about holidays, benefits and some other important things.

Some specific questions you can ask, such as, Who are people will usually deal with you while working? Is the employee’s achievement appreciated by the company? Or how about the company’s progress in the past five years?

Develop good relationships

Interview work though not successful, can be a stepping stone for other job opportunities.

Some interviewers sometimes suggest that you apply to another company and recommend you, as they see a match with you in the offered position. Remember, never be afraid to convince people of the value you have.

That should be avoided

Avoid saying in an interview that you have no weaknesses, as this will undoubtedly destroy your chances of being accepted for work.

Also avoid saying that you have great skills. Although you think it is important, but it is not a measure, because the most important is the result, not the quality.

Do not use language that is too warm or full of courage, using words like “maybe” and “may be” can make you look insecure and damage your credibility. In addition, answering too confidently can also raise questions about how you can get along with others.

Be careful to make excuses for past failures, being overly suspicious or honest about mistakes, can actually make the interview work with no maximum.…

The Right Way to Make a Payroll Negotiation

Many people expect to get a big salary. So not infrequently one of the steps taken is to get out of the current job and move to the office that gives a higher salary.

But before entering a new office and enjoying a higher salary usually someone must apply and certainly there in the process there is a salary negotiation.

Quoted from lifehack, Monday (5/6/2017), here’s how to negotiate wisely so that the salary can get maximum results and in accordance with your capacity:

Make sure you understand the market

Before conducting an interview or salary negotiation you should first study the job market. That is, you have to know the job you are doing will be vulnerable to how much salary.

Usually there is the lowest and highest salary vulnerability. After getting it then you have to adjust to the capacity you have.

Nowadays, there are many ways of knowing the vulnerable salary for a job. Various career situations have had research and published the amount of salaries for a particular profession.

Should write th e desired salary in the cover letter?

The question is currently much to interfere with professional job applicants. Do have to write down the desired salary in the cover letter.

The answer is certain: Never do that.

It does not make sense to write the desired salary in the cover letter if it is in the job advertisement is not required to write down the expected salary.

Demonstrating the desire to get a pay amount in the beginning is very unfavorable because it will be an interviewer’s weapon to pressure you.

It may be that you will lose the opportunity to enter the company if you disclose the wishes of the salary at the beginning.

What if asked to include the desired salary?

Not unusual if you are asked to include the expected salary in the job application letter.

This is reasonable because companies do not want to make time by giving interviews to people outside their benchmarks.

If you are asked to list, there are several options that can be taken.

You can evade and want to express directly or can shift focus to other things like: Salary is just one element I want this job. There are many things that make me interested to apply for this job.…

Disappointing US Employment Data Makes Gold Price Shine

Gold prices rose to their highest level in six weeks in response to a disappointing US non-farm payroll data report that lowered expectations of an even more aggressive rate hike.

Launched Reuters page, Saturday (3/6/2017), the price of gold in the spot market rose 0.7 percent to US $ 1,274.39 per ounce. It’s the highest position since April 25, heading for a fourth-week gain. US gold futures rose 0.6 percent to $ 1,278.30 an ounce.

“This is not the kind of report people expect, and it puts pressure on the dollar and the yield, and gold is always happy to benefit from it,” said Georgette Boele, ABN AMRO Commodities Strategist.

Data showed US job growth slowed in May and employment growth in the previous two months was not as strong as previously reported, suggesting the labor market is losing momentum.

The sluggish economic recovery in the world’s largest country supports the possibility of higher interest rates that benefit non-interest interest such as gold.

He said that the data will cause investors to lower expectations of interest rate hikes this year and next year, pressing US dollar yields and US bonds and helping gold.

Expectations for stronger jobs data and optimism from US factory activity have pushed gold to a one-week low earlier on Friday.

“There’s a good room for the price to return to US $ 1,200 in the next three months,” said Dominic Schnider of UBS Wealth Management in Hong Kong.

Among other precious metals, palladium prices rose 1.4 percent to US $ 834.97 per ounce after earlier touching the level of US $ 835.90, the highest level since September 2014. Silver futures rose 0.7 percent to 17.39 per ounce and platinum gained 1 percent to $ 937.…

World Bank: Trade and Manufacturing Become Economic Drivers

The World Bank is updating its economic report. In this renewal, the world’s institute is maintaining global economic growth forecast this year at 2.7 percent. There are some who are experiencing economic improvement but also some are slowing down.

The drivers of economic growth are the manufacturing and trading sectors. Both sectors will be a driver of world economic growth as market confidence has improved as well as the recovery of prices for some commodities.

The World Bank’s estimated world economic growth this year is higher than last year’s forecast. In 2016, the World Bank estimates world economic growth this year only 2.4 percent. While at the beginning of 2017 the World Bank turned it to 2.7 percent.

According to a World Bank report, world economic growth has shown improvement especially for Japan and Europe.

The World Bank is updating its economic report. In this renewal, the world’s institute is maintaining global economic growth forecast this year at 2.7 percent. There are some who are experiencing economic improvement but also some are slowing down.

The drivers of economic growth are the manufacturing and trading sectors. Both sectors will be a driver of world economic growth as market confidence has improved as well as the recovery of prices for some commodities.

The World Bank’s estimated world economic growth this year is higher than last year’s forecast. In 2016, the World Bank estimates world economic growth this year only 2.4 percent. While at the beginning of 2017 the World Bank turned it to 2.7 percent.

According to a World Bank report, world economic growth has shown improvement especially for Japan and Europe.…