How to Get Out of Work Without Making Anyone Angry


Getting out of work or resign is a natural thing. Almost all employees have experienced a resign or plan to get out of work now.

There are various underlying reasons, such as looking for new challenges, better opportunities elsewhere or some just because they are tired of the current job.

A study conducted by Harris Interactive once revealed that 74 percent of employees consider looking for a new job.

There are many ways to get out of the current job. That way there is a right there is also not right. Of course, such an improper way will make your relationship with the office worse.

Here’s a good way to say stop working:

Never leave without notice

If you are out of a job for reasons that do not like what the boss is doing or feel that the work you have done is never appreciated, then the obligation to notify the resign plan remains to be done.

Never get out of work without notice to your boss because it will make you get a bad score in the office.

Communicate with superiors

If indeed you intend to resign, try to communicate first with superiors before submitting a letter of resignation.

Although sometimes the boss stays for some time to come, but by talking alone you will be able to maintain good relationships.

Look for a plausible excuse to file a resignation. Do not let your reason to make emotional superiors.

Follow the rules in the office

Office regulations should be adhered to. Although in the near future you are not working in the office does not mean you can go out at will alone.

There is an office that requires employees to stay for one month before leaving there is also asking for three months. It was for a transitional period to prepare your replacement.

Well, it’s good that your resign is not considered bad by the office then obey the rules of the office.