Marketing Strategies For Business Hotels

All businesses require a marketing strategy to attract customers coming, not least with the hotel business. Advertising is one of the most important marketing strategies. Through advertising, people will immediately know and remember about the type as well as the look of your hotel. Creating interesting ads is not easy, some make long ads and some make short ads. Content and types of ads that are made are depending on the target market and goals to be achieved. Here are 5 marketing strategies for your hotel business that you can apply to maximize your ad performance:

  1. Have a clear concept and know the message to be conveyed
    before creating an ad specify the concept that you want to stretch in your hotel business and of course the message to be conveyed to prospective guests. This concept and message need not be complicated, it is important to focus on one thing to be conveyed.
  2. Create a classy impression for a cheap price
    everyone loves a cheap price but do not make a cheap ad. Create an ad that is able to convince customers to come to your hotel because of promo but also classy accommodation. You can promote simple things like togetherness with friends, family or loved ones. Offer an overnight promo package along with a dinner package, watch a movie or go sightseeing. That way your hotel will look affordable but still classy.
  3. Show creative elements
    creativity is needed to draw people’s attention to your ads. If your ad is monotonous without any interesting or unique entertainment elements it may be that nobody will be interested to see or watch it any further.
  4. Create interesting and quality videos
    in addition to photos and illustrations, you can create videos that can be displayed on sites like you tube or television. Ads of video type are effective for displaying messages through stories. In addition, the market share is very wide because all the people ranging from children to adults like to watch. Although the cost of making more expensive but the results can be more leverage. Integrate your concepts and messages with stories in the video so your potential guests can get the right message.
  5. Advertise on the internet
    do not hesitate to advertise on the internet through social media, you tube or blogs. Advertising via the internet can be directly monitored performance as well as its conversion results. In addition you can reach more people with less budget than advertising on television, radio, newspapers or magazines.

Investing for the marketing of your hotel business is guaranteed not to be in vain because this is how customers will know about your hotel and are interested in staying. If they are satisfied with the services and facilities of the hotel, it is guaranteed they will not hesitate to promote it to their relatives and friends.