Amazon’s marketing strategy

Amazon’s marketing strategy is designed to increase customer traffic to the company’s website to boost repeat buying of customers and build brand hawareness of products and services available, and can strengthen the name

While working at shaw & co.’s company jeff bezos was very interested in the book business. The first time jeff did was follow the annual convention of the American booksellers association in los Angeles. For three days jeff wandered round the aisle of book sales. The conclusion after he returned from los Angeles was that no single bookstore could organize the storage of books that had been published. But online bookstores can do it.

Then he told his boss, david shaw, about the tremendous possibility of selling books over the internet. But his boss refused. Finally by agreement with jeff’s wife, mackensey, jeff quit his job and did his idea of ​​selling books over the internet.

With the capital provided by his parents, mike bezos, for $ 300,000 and the savings of jeff and his wife, they started the idea. What jeff did next was to name his company. Amazon’s philosophy is the largest river in the world and also has the world’s largest collection making itself named its company.

Together with his wife, mackensey, and his two employees shel and paul, they started their work in the garage home rented by jeff. Furthermore, is growing very fast like jeff’s motto, “growing up fast.”

Here’s jeff’s strategy in building

  1. Diversification strategy. Not just books sold online, but also cds, dvds, furniture, and more.
  2. By opening (for japan),, (united kingdom), in germany, france.
  3. Acquired several companies.
    Patented the invention, such as i-clik,, and others.
  4. Choosing qualified human resources. The principle of taking labor is that the employees are very smart people, even if they can be smarter than jeff.
  5. Conducting an ipo. (*/from various sources)