The hotel business is one type of business with a promising advantage. However, this business is very different from other businesses. In the hotel business, success can be felt if the owner or the manager more put forward the human resources factor as executor. Therefore you have to recruit employees who are happy to work on the hotel so that will make visitors feel comfortable in your hotel. In addition there are some things that can be tips to start a hotel business for you practice when you intend to start the business. Here you see the review:

Specify a location

In determining the location of course you have to do it carefully because of the location greatly gives great effect of the hotel you build. A very affordable location will certainly make your hotel more successful for the future. But if you find an empty land or building that is not working you can use it to build the hotel you want and usually you can buy the land or building at a cheap price.

The idea or concept of the hotel

To be able to start a hotel business then the first thing you need to think about is the idea or concept of the hotel. Many successful hotel owners have brilliant ideas or concepts to build the hotels they dream of even if they start from scratch.

Capital required

To be able to start a hotel business, of course you must require capital. How much capital you have to keep building a hotel even if it is not too big. But for this capital you do not have to have capital of 100% of the total required. Enough with 40% to 50% of the required capital as a whole you can build a hotel. The rest you can lend to the bank.

Make a feasibility study

The next tips is to make a feasibility study where in this way you will be very helpful in building a hotel that you make as a business. The feasibility study will provide an accurate and detailed description of the business prospects of your hotel. In addition, a feasibility study will also help you determine the type of hotel you need to choose, the number of rooms you should have built, the facilities needed, the price range for one room, how much investment you should spend and how long you will get your investment back. A feasibility study will help you to reduce the risk of large-scale losses caused by your designing the wrong hotel. For that it’s good you have to involve directly hotel business consultant for your feasibility study result of fair and objective.

Involve hotel consultants and determine the architect

In this way, you will be able to reduce the burden of hotel planning work as well as the operational plan will run better. Hotel consultants will make the cost you need not out more caused by either buying goods or design. In addition you also must choose carefully in determining the architect for the hotel design to be more leverage and with efficient cost.

Take care of permissions

The last tip of course you have to take care of permission first before you build a hotel that you will make for this business. The most important permit is location permit because without location permit, you certainly can not take care of other permissions from the local government.