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Top Tips for Choosing the Best Wedding Venue

Picking the right wedding venue is expensive and an extremely overwhelming process, hence, important factors need to be considered beforehand. Here is how to identify the right wedding venue.

The first thing that you need to consider before booking a wedding venue is the number of guests that it can hold. It is therefore important that you get a guest count prior to the wedding planning so that you will have a good idea of the size of your event and decide on the best venue. Before starting your search for a wedding venue, talk to your partner and decide whether you want large rooms for your wedding or an intimate wedding.

Once you have decided on the right size for your venue, the next thing to think about is the location. It s recommended that you choose an event site which is conveniently located so your guests can access the destination with ease. It is advisable that you choose a venue that has a nearby public transit as well as less traffic congestion. Pick a venue that has adequate and secure parking space to accommodate the guests that you are expecting.

In most events especially those that are held outside, weather can be a very big factor. Talk to the facility manager and inquire about the intensity and the direction of the sun if your event will take place during the summer.
It is always important to come with a budget and stick to it when you are searching for the best wedding venue. When you are planning your budget, you also need to include food and beverages as it will greatly determine the type, quality and quantity. Ask the cater what the charge per plate is prior to paying for the facility that you are considering.

Know what kind of event you want and choose a venue that suits you and your partner’s style. Some wedding styles may not fit well in certain venues, hence, take your style into account so you can choose a venue that suits you. You also want to ensure that it fits with your theme so that your wedding can be more connected to the space.

Finally, meet up with the team that are in charge of organizing the site and ask important questions relating to the venue. Besides, ask if there is in-house catering, then ask the caterer to take you through the items on the menu. Before you hire their services, ask the facility manager if there are any major restrictions which may affect your decision. Similarly, ask to see photos of their venues as it will help you identify which location is suitable for you.

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