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How to Reward Your Dog for Good Behavior

Rewarding the pet ensures that you create healthy relationship easily. It is not different from how people are given rewards to serve as a form of appreciation. You will also use the rewards to the dog after it has acted in a good manner. This kind of training has been termed as positive reinforcement. It helps in the creation of a strong bond between you and the dog. The relationship is based on the desire to get rewards and good acts. It has been observed that using commands and punishment results in some bad behaviors in dogs. Such bad characters can be rudeness and anxiety. It is likely that a dog that has seen severe punishment become fearful and antisocial. The the dog might prefer to stay away from people rather than become a close friend.

There is no point of punishing your dog for doing a bad act when you desire is that they do develop a good habit. There is also no need to be loud so that your dog can sense your instruction. You only need to be easy going and use the reward system. This is a technique in which you psychologically training the dog to act is a positive way so that it can be rewarded. At the beginning, give a reward to the dog for any action you desire. the rewards out to be small treaties preferable peanut size. The treats should be given when you instruct the pet to act in a certain manner where it does as expected. Since you want to dog to associate the treaty with the action, you have to do it over time.

When giving the rewards, say it with some appreciation. Say the words with warmth and smile and show love to the dog by rubbing its coat. The dog will know that the behavior has been appreciated. In time, the dog will have learned the behaviors that attracts it rewards. Since it is impractical to keep on rewarding the dog for the same, start backing off by giving the rewards less frequently. You can choose to train the dog another habit using the treats. It will then adopt the same habit. The same way human being would feel, doing something that has no rewards can be discouraging. To keep the dog motivated, give occasional treats for the same practice.

As time progress, you can give the treat to the dog once a new lessons is learned. You can always ensure that you give healthy treats at all times. This ensures that the health of your dog is maintained. Use positive reinforcement for your dog training.