Hair Is One of the More Mysterious Parts of the Human Body

Ask anyone what the most mysterious part of the human body is and there will be a wide variety of different answers. Some people will go to the human brain. Others might assume that the heart is the most difficult to understand. Others still will go with our sensory organs.

But it’s better to focus on areas of direct treatment. And the answer here will probably surprise a lot of people. One of the most persistently difficult parts of the human body to understand is actually our hair. Or more precisely, the hair which grows upon our scalp. This might not seem like the most intuitive fact at first. But really consider just how many people show evidence of hair loss. It’s something that humanity has been dealing with for a very long time now. And progress in treating it has been rather slow.

There are some notable success stories. For example, something like brotzu lotion has shown considerable potential for treating hair loss. This does hint at something quite interesting about hair though. The lotion’s effectiveness on hair loss was actually found while investigating it for diabetes. Other partial success has come about while looking at studies for heart conditions.

And this points to one of the reasons why it’s best to consider hair one of the more mysterious parts of the human body. Because of all the treatments we have, very few have come about from actually looking for a baldness cure. We tend to stumble into hair treatment totally by accident rather than intent. What does this actually mean? There’s a number of points we can take away from our difficulties in treating hair loss.

One of the most significant facts is that it points to multiple possible causes for human hair loss. Male pattern baldness probably has a very different cause than most instances of hair loss in women. And even within men alone there are most likely a multitude of different factors and cofactors.

Sometimes medical treatment is as effective as fitting one specific symptom into one specific treatment. But other times people need to consider a broader approach. And hair loss seems to be one of the situations where it’s almost always called for. When we look at hair loss it’s best to consider a multi-tiered approach. We often need to stack multiple treatments on top of each other to get the maximum effect.

The reasoning is clearer when we consider a common situation. Consider someone who has a genetic spike in testosterone as he grows older. This causes some male pattern hair loss. Additionally, he experiences slight inflammation in his scalp due to environmental conditions. And finally, his diet is less than optimal. All three of these factors can cause hair loss. And just treating one would leave the others still in effect.

This can complicate treatment. And it often causes people to assume that their hair loss is actually untreatable. But it’s more often the case that people simply need to explore a wider variety of options.