Instagram Gets their New Shoppable Ads Underway in a Bid to Venture into E-commerce

Talking of companies that are making significant moves to improve their e-commerce presence, Instagram has taken the game to a whole new level. Recently, the company launched an innovative shoppable advert system known as “collection campaigns” that allows users to shop.

The Instagram adverts merge product catalogs with informative videos and enable users to purchase items from the collection without leaving Instagram. The concept was initially tested on Instagram’s mother company—Facebook— and apparently, the results were promising.

Revolve & Birchbox both got the shoppable “collection” campaigns underway early this week. And from the look of things, this acted as a wake-up call for social media sites to convert the millions of traffic they enjoy into millions of dollars. For Instagram, it may be an excellent start primarily due to the large number of people (approximately 200 million) following fashion and design brands.

To show how serious they are venturing into this niche, Instagram has already put in place the necessary systems, and now a user can click through the adverts and navigate to the brand’s website where they can buy the product.

Up to now, the video and pic sharing app has proven to be an increasingly essential source of income for Facebook which for the first time recorded a drop in the number of users in Northern America.

According to Sheryl Sandberg of Facebook, Instagram is now more or less a mobile-based visual store for businesses, and soon several other businesspeople may join the movement. Almost two-thirds of traffic to the Instagram business platforms are from users who do not already follow them. So you can imagine how fast this new idea will win many businesses lots of new customers.

Wrapping Up

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