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What is an OSIM Massager?

You need to know right now that one of the best massage chairs today is actually the OSIM massage chairs. The OSIM massage chairs is one of the leading competition of some other advance brands in technology. One of the most expensive brands and product is also the OSIM massage chairs. There are reviews posted about the OSIM massage chairs below, if you want to know more about the product, continue reading. You can also find out about terms and rates about features per dollar.

You have to understand that the company named OSIM is a wonderful tech company. The tech company just started around the year 1980 and it went full blown within a couple of years because of how big they are in robotic massage chair manufacturing. The company actually offers four models of chairs. You need to know that the NORO Harmony, iMedic , iDesire and the iSymphonic. Check out what they have to say for the massage chairs and compare them to other massage chair brands.

You need to know that the OSIM NORO massage chair or the NR-75 is among the cheapest massage chair they have with a retail price of $900. First off, the massage chair has an integrated calf massager that focuses on that part mentioned and the design is upholstered with faux suede. This is a chair that someone with a low budget would want to buy and still get good results. If you are not into stylish massage chairs, this is the massage chair for you which was made for the cheaper sector. If you are low on budget, this is the chair for you, with designs and features that will be worth it.

The company is known to be a new one, it started around 1980 but it progressed really fast, it can compete with the older and bigger companies to date so when you buy an OSIM massage chair, expect great things. The OSIM massage chair knows where to hit the people sitting on them because it has an infrared sensor that will measure you right away and hit your pressure points. They have powerful motors with the same massage features and build quality OSIM massage chairs.

You will enjoy the new music therapy system that the OSIM massage chairs have. The iSymphonic massage chair was released before any other music therapy system chair, this means they got the tech first and that is a good sign of good quality.

The music system is not about listening to your favorite tunes while sitting on the OSIM massage chair, it is a lot more sophisticated than that. By using the massage chair, it synchronizes with the music being played by the user.

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