Teeth Whitening Using Organic Charcoal

White teeth have always been a symbol of being healthy. In most recent years, having white teeth has been a fashion trend. Now more than ever the general public wants to have a celebrity smile. Using newer techniques in the dental to over the counter products are made more available to the consumer. There are many forms of teeth whitening kits available online, in drugstores, and in the dental office. Most insurance companies will not cover the charges because tooth whitening is considered cosmetic.

What Causes Discoloration of the Teeth?:

There are several reasons for discoloration of the teeth. The most common cause of stains is smoking. The nicotine and other components of cigarette tobacco will cause major staining. Other causes of staining are colas, tea, wine, berries, and coffee. These stains can easily be removed as they are considered to be on the outside of the tooth (extrinsic) not on the inside (intrinsic). These are the stains that people want removed to make teeth their whitest.

Types of Tooth Whitening Kits:

Most over the counter kits are pretty basic and do the trick. Even the whitening kinds of toothpaste are effective for overall whitening. But for some consumers, they want stark white teeth. They want to see immediate results and something that will show the difference right away. There are whitening strips that after a few applications will show some generalized results. These do take time and many applications of the strips.

Having your teeth cleaned professionally will remove some stains and will brighten the teeth from the abrasive pumice polishing paste use by the dental professional. Whitening kinds of toothpaste are available and work over a period of time as well. These pasts usually contain hydrogen peroxide and baking soda or a course grit pumice.

There are kits that contain light treatments believed to bring out the stains from inside or to lighten up the tooth structure under the enamel. These are often not recommended by your dental health professional.

Activated charcoal is also on the market but as a treatment for poisoning. Recently it has been added to some kinds of toothpaste and shows that it will remove some stains. Over the counter activated charcoal treatments have recently become popular on the social media venues that do “challenges” Charcoal face masks and teeth whitening videos are extreme and bring about some drama from the viewer. All organic teeth whitening charcoal treatments show immediate results even though they are messy. They do show results rather quickly and even more so after a few applications


Wanting stark white teeth may seem a bit extreme but to some people, it makes a difference in self-esteem, status, or pride. Teeth whitening is fast becoming a statement in the fashion industry. But the main thing is to keep your teeth and gums healthy and in good condition. Being white is the least of someone’s problem if they have nasty teeth and breath! Keeping up with regular check-ups, brushing, and flossing will ensure healthy teeth and gums. Adding a whitening system will boost the confidence and motivate the person into keeping the teeth healthy.