Tips on choosing a suit for a wedding

There have been many tips given about marriage for the bride. Then, what about the groom? Not inferior to the bride, the man should also prepare to appear maximal on the day of his marriage, including is preparing to clothe in this suit that most appropriate with the groom. As good as any bridal coat you want, it all looks not beautiful if you are not comfortable wearing it. To be comfortable & confident, one important factor is precisely the size of the bridal suite. To get the wedding dress is a suit with the right size for you, here are tips that you can apply:


There are several types of materials for the groom’s suit. But the best thing is the wool material because this material is a bit heavy so that the fall neat and not easily wrinkled. The most expensive and excellent types of wool can not be seen from the brand or the motifs listed in the material. However, it must be seen from the weight, composition, and finishing materials.

Hue and color

Good and bad style depending on one’s taste. However, the most classic groom suits are still the plain black in color. Super black is plain can be an option because it looks more elegant while the material more lines give the impression of dynamic and fashionable. The coat color should also be adjusted to the color of the wedding dress and the time of the event. Most Asian grooms still choose black as their favorite color coat. However, for events during the day, colors other than black, such as dark gray, brown, or green can be an option.


The buttons on the jacket have their own meaning. 3 buttoned bridal jacket is quite popular. In addition, many also want a low-cut collar jacket with 1 or 2 buttons only. Buttons 1 and 2 are favorable for a brunette who is slightly stubby or short, while 3 or 4 buttons are suitable for high-bodied brides as they form a good posture. The color of the buttons can be adjusted to the color of the bridal suite. Buttons can be made of cloth or synthetic fibers. There are also like metal buttons with a doff color.

Convenience is key

Choose a wedding suit that is not only trendy but also comfortable to wear. With the suit, you should feel comfortable and can move easily. For example, when you try it in a boutique, do a lot of twisting your arms, elbows, shoulders, and stand up straight. This is so that you really feel the comfort and the right size for your wedding suit. You will be wearing the suit all day long, so, once again, make sure your wedding suit is right for you!


This one, of course, must be done. Do not just because the boutique is a famous boutique, you immediately drop the option. Try once more your wedding suit, at least 2 days before the day of h. Do not underestimate this one process. You will be surprised how many discrepancies you will find when trying it a few days before the day of h. If the suit does feel uncomfortable and unsuitable for you, you still have the time (though super narrow) to rent another suit that fits more in your body.