Tips on choosing a wedding color theme

Made all the different elements at the wedding to look beautiful is not easy. Just imagine, you have to think about the color of the decorations that match the color theme of the committee uniform, hand flowers, clothing accompaniment, and so forth. But everything will be easy if you use the services of a wedding planner because they will help provide input harmonious colors that can be applied.

Why is color selection so important in a wedding? Believe it or not, colors seem to have a magical ability to create a certain mood. If you want to decide your own color theme for the wedding, here are some things that can inspire you in determining what colors can be used.

  1. Season

Winter wedding illustration. there are colors that are identical to a particular season of the year. In a country that has four seasons, for example, the colors of gemstones are more fitting for autumn or winter. While bright pop colors are generally more appropriate for spring or summer celebrations.

  1. Venue

The order of wedding venues will give much influence to the color theme of the wedding. You can choose a color theme based on the venue. Whether you are going to hold a party in indoor or outdoor. For those of you who plan to hold an indoor wedding, consider the elements of the room that you can not change like the color of the carpet or wallpaper. Do not let that interfere with the color scheme you’ve chosen. So before determining the color theme of the wedding, make sure you’ve done a survey on the venue you choose.

  1. Wedding style

You can also choose the color palette of the wedding through the style of wedding you want. Error choosing a color theme can make your wedding style to be inappropriate. There are certain colors that are not suitable for certain styles, such as metallic and purple colors that would not be right if combined for a beach party. So once you already know the style you will choose, it will be easier to determine the color theme on your wedding.

  1. Choose the favorite color

Maybe this would be the easiest step to find a wedding color theme. You and your partner can combine their favorite colors in the wedding palette. If these two favorite colors are not suitable enough to be combined, apply them by adding some neutral shades to the decor.