Uses for Reusable Plastic Surface Graphics

Reusable graphics are now available for all kinds of uses. Some vinyl graphic material can be used on almost any non-porous surface that is not textured such as metal, glass, non-lacquered sanded wood, or painted drywall. They do not leave a sticky residue. It is made of a polymeric plastic film that can withstand a wide range of temperatures from -10 to 120 degrees F. This vinyl film is resistant to chemicals, oils, abrasions, and some solvents.

A window graphics Ohio company started this craze and offered a variety of liner thicknesses and a clear or white facestock. There are almost unlimited design options, so here are some suggestions that might inspire you:

* Try bumper stickers that promote school spirit, an organization with a cause, or a church’s mission. Vinyl reusable stickers will leave no sticky residue on a car bumper or window.

* Use a computer or cell phone lively removable vinyl skin that can be changed out at the latest whim without damaging your device. Have fun showing off your favorite team colors or a natural wild animal.

* How about a collage of vinyl removable stickers as a wall decor that children will love and parents will not worry about cleanup? Children will like the fact that these stickers are removable and can be used again.

* Wall Posters can now be hung on painted walls without holes or sticky tape. Easy to put up, rearrange, and take down. Removable vinyl posters are great for college dorm rooms and apartments.

* You can transform any room by creating a removable vinyl mural. A blank wall or window can become a forest path, a beautiful beach, or a city skyline. You can easily change the view and feel like you are traveling without leaving your home.

* Would you enjoy having one wall in a room wallpapered, but just don’t to go through the messy task of putting the wallpaper up? Reusable vinyl lets you have the wallpapered wall without the mess. Just align and press to hang, with an easy change out when time to redesign.

* If you have your man cave and it needs a special touch, removable vinyl offers large wall graphics options that can give you life-size images of your favorite subject. Arrange a collage of images that make a statement about you. They will be easy to put up, rearrange, and take down.

* Seasons and Holidays can be so much fun using removable window sticker designs. Dress your windows and walls up with images that make your home festive. These stickers are easy to put up, take down, and store for reuse next year. You may want some borders for your car windows also.

* Let’s not forget custom designed removable vinyl floor accents. Great for nonporous surfaces, your floor can have border accents, checkerboard, floral tiles, and any other design you would like.

The uses for removable vinyl are only as limited as your imagination. These graphics can decorate our home, promote your business, and help market your organization. They can make some awesome fundraiser products for your cause as well.