What Happens to Your Engagement Ring When the Weather Gets Colder?

While this may sound like a strange question, a change takes place as the weather begins to get colder that might affect how your engagement ring fits. Read on to find out more.

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Cold Weather and Your Hands

Cold weather has lots of effects on the body. We all know about those annoying sniffles, sore throats and cold sores. However, exposure to the cold also has an impact on our hands. When your body gets cold, it jumps into action to conserve heat and protect your vital organs. The small blood vessels contract to direct blood to where it is most needed. This is why our hands, feet and other extremities get chilly when the temperature drops.

What this has to do with your engagement ring is that when the blood vessels contract, so do your fingers. So diamond engagement rings that fit perfectly when the weather is warm may start to feel loose come winter. In addition to the annoyance of the ring sliding around, if it becomes too loose, you may risk your ring slipping off your finger.

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Should You Have Your Ring Resized?

If your engagement ring is too loose, one option is to have it resized. This might be a worthwhile option if your ring is generally a little too loose and gets even looser during the winter. However, be advised that resizing certain types of ring can be tricky. In fact, when shopping for Diamond Engagement rings for her, some couples like to do it together in order to get the correct size and avoid the need for a later resize.

If you do opt to have your ring resized, remember to keep it a little bit loose to accommodate your finger swelling in the summer and also to avoid discomfort when wearing it every day. Also ensure it can still comfortably fit over your knuckle if it is wider than the base of your finger. A final consideration is that, in the cold, the chances are your hand will be in a glove or pocket when outside, so you may decide a resize is too extreme.

Your engagement ring is one of the most important and treasured objects you will ever own, so you want to protect it and show it off at its best all year round.