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Ways of Making Your Wedding Day Extra Special.

A wedding is a formal event that is graced by many guests. There is little to say about the difference among various weddings nowadays. Trying out something different in your wedding can make it special and different from the rest. There are certain simple things that are capable of making a wedding memorable. These great ideas are going to be discussed as we progress.

Use of the song request cards is one way of ensuring that the wedding is a success. In most cases, one is not sure the songs that are appropriate and loved by their guests. It is even more challenging when the guests have varied ages. This is now where the song request cards come to the rescue. The cards give the guests the liberty of choosing their favorite songs. Through the cards, the guests can enjoy their favorite jams as well. The couple also can add their favorite songs too to the list of requested songs. Everyone in the wedding will, therefore, enjoy the playlist.

A couple can prefer to replace the guest book with the video booth to make a wedding fancier. The video book function the same as the guest book. The use of the video booth is more fancy as the writings associated with the guest book is replaced by the recordings of the video booth. The couple can then assemble all the videos which they can later play and enjoy those moments. This is the emerging trend of doing the wishes. The video booth is better than the guestbook since it is time-saving and convenient as well.

The use of rice or confetti was a characteristic of the olden days wedding. Nowadays, a couple may choose to avoid the rice or confetti and use bubbles instead. The bubbles can be blown onto the couple as they leave the reception area. This method has proven to be a good alternative for rice and confetti especially in those venues that disallow the practice of using rice and confetti. Having an hashtag on your wedding day is also a nice idea of making it memorable. This is a trending method of involving those guests who could not make it to the wedding. They can follow up the proceedings of the wedding from wherever they are.

And finally, it is important not to forget the children. There is a good reason for keeping the children happy. It is appropriate to have a special table for the children. Additionally, fun games like the bouncing castles can help in entertaining the children. Such activities will help prevent boredom among the kids. These are a few examples of ideas that can make tour wedding a success. The guests also provide a wise counsel in decision-making. Their opinion on certain things can make the wedding extra special.